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Hybrid Heating Systems

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Greater Control and Increased Efficiency

During the colder seasons, Carrier offers several options for heating your home. One of the more innovative options are hybrid heating systems—systems that use two fuel sources. These two sources include a gas furnace and a heat pump. This hybrid use of fuel allows for greater control, efficiency and performance during the colder months of the year.

  • Control: Whether or not either fuel source is more readily available during a certain time of year, your hybrid heating system grants you greater control over its operations throughout the winter season. Your system is no longer reliant on fuel availability or cost as were previous systems.
  • Efficiency: Depending on the season, fuel costs and other variables, one fuel source might be more economically or energy efficient than the other. Your hybrid heating system takes these factors into account when selecting the fuel source for a particular point in time. So if gas costs rise mid-Winter, your system allows you the use of its heat pump to maintain a comfortable level of warmth without breaking the bank. 
  • Performance: Improved efficiency leads to improved performance. As your home’s heating system no longer relies on a single fuel source, its improved control and efficiency encourage stronger and more consistent performance throughout the colder season. This means a comfortable house that protects you and your loved ones from the chilly temperatures outside.

In addition to gas, hybrid heating systems are also capable of utilizing secondary fuel sources dependent on the area in which you live. Propane? Sure! Oil? You bet! Also, the heat pumps these systems use have advanced far beyond previous models available to homeowners.

For more information about hybrid heating systems and the options available in your region, contact your local Carrier-licensed contractors at Essig. We can help you answer any questions you might have!


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