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Tips For HVAC Homeowner Maintenance


Increase Your Units Efficiency With Regular Maintenance

Regularly maintaining your Carrier air conditioning unit is one of the best ways to ensure a higher return on your investment. As a homeowner, there are a number of things you can do to maintain your system to help increase its performance and longevity.

  • Keep the area around the unit clear. Air flow is key to the air conditioner’s operations, so it is best to avoid any and all possible hindrances. To maintain air flow, trim any and all growth—grass, bushes, weeds, etc.—around the unit on a regular basis. In addition, do not keep or store anything around the unit.
  • Keep the coil clean. A debris-free compressor coil allows the unit to do its job throughout the cooling season without issue. Sometimes grass and other debris get into the unit and clog the system. To help maintain cleanliness, rinse the air conditioner down with your garden hose on a regular basis.
  • Keep an annual appointment with your local Carrier-licensed contractor. Aside from the previous steps, the best thing you can do is contact your local Carrier-licensed contractor for an annual checkup. While maintaining the area around the unit is easy enough, a certified contractor can inspect and clean the individual components of your Carrier air conditioner to improve its efficiency and length of service.

While all three of these methods are important for your unit’s maintenance, it is imperative that you stick to the third and final step. A Carrier-licensed contractor will perform several tasks that you as a homeowner will not have the tools or knowledge to do. He or she will pull the shell apart and inspect and clean the compressor, the fan motor, the refrigerant and all other parts necessary to the system.

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